Review: Keith Moss & Tightrope Walkers – What eludes you moves you.

Keith Moss Review- AlbumKeith Moss & The Tightrope Walkers will release their début album ‘What Eludes you Moves you’ on July 26th with a launch in Whelans.

The album comes with a number of month’s worth  of anticipation with a couple of singles already being released from the ten track album.

Opening with Torture in Paradise presents, as the oxymoronic title suggests, a duo of emotions. On the surface this seems like a lighthearted, Bell X1-esque ditty but it is laced with horror through the darker, beautifully sung lyrics inspired by the Zodiac killings. It is a hypnotic track.

Another familiar number is The War Outside Our Door is a musical narration of the dangers binge drinking has on society. The deceptively political track is a breath of fresh air; it is as anti-rock and roll as a song could possibly be with the social aware meaning and the lack of egomania in the structure of the song. It is a teetering acoustic based track that doesn’t arrogantly build up to a meaningless climax. Instead, it is soft, enjoyable and conveys its message clearly.

The lack of egotism throughout the entire album is evident in each track. One of the most outstanding is The Girl With The Wand At The End Of The Pier; a song which bears as much whimsy in its sound as it does in its title. Here we are given a raw and beautiful idea of the true power moss possesses in his voice. His at times guttural yet impassioned voice makes the entire album all the more pleasant to listen to.

If you are bored with machismo and edited radio rock in equal measures you will enjoy Keith Moss and Tightrope Walkers’ début album. It is heightened with emotion, social consciousness and delicate musical dexterity.

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